What Services Can Our Specialist Costs Lawyers Provide?

Knapp Richardson offers a wide range of services in all areas of law costs, including data analysis and costs in arbitrations. Our work includes advice on costs to those in the legal profession, corporations and government agencies. All our lawyers aim to provide clear advice on any issues related to costs. We can also advise…

In intricate or high-value cases, where costs can be substantial, our specialists Costs Lawyers provide invaluable expertise in navigating the complexities involved in determining and justifying these costs.

With our expertise, you can streamline processes, saving time and resources. 

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the intricate field of legal costs. They are well-versed in the rules, regulations and case law regarding costs. We can therefore ensure that all work relating to legal costs are handled accurately and efficiently.

When it comes to bills of costs, we can carry out the preparation and justification of bills of costs in the UK and numerous other jurisdictions. Legal costs must adhere to various rules and guidelines in which our costs lawyers are well versed and can ensure compliance with.

Get a clear idea of how much a legal case will cost.

Our services also include helping clients with budgets, including preparing and advising upon all aspects of Costs Management from Precedent H Budget, Precedent R Budget Discussion Report, and Precedent T budget variation applications.

Challenge a Costs Claim

Our team are also highly experienced in preparing Points of Dispute and  can prepare comprehensive and robust challenges on a variety of different cost issues in claims ranging from modest housing disrepair to multi-million pound commercial matters.

We are also experienced in preparing challenges to costs in arbitration matters and reducing your costs minimising your costs liability under an Arbitral Award.

Want to make data regarding cost much clearer? Knapp Richardson also has a highly trained team for data analysis.

They can provide analysis of data in a variety of formats, using enhanced data visualisation techniques. This will ensure you have easily accessible information which can be utilised for internal costs management purposes, negotiations and/or filing at Court.

In case of disagreements or disputes regarding costs between parties, Knapp Richardson can provide expert advice and representation.

Our services include negotiations and advocacy, with our experienced team able to help you find the best way forward. 

Based in central London, we are located in close proximity to the High Court, so regularly act as agents for the hearing of detailed assessment, directions/Costs Management, interlocutory applications, in the Senior Court Costs Office, South-East of England and the QDD and Business Property Courts.

When it comes to practice areas, our specialist costs lawyers based in London deal with costs in a wide range of areas of litigation, including:

  • Civil litigation, including cases covering contentious probate, clinical negligence, defamation/reputation management, employment, housing disrepair, and much more. 
  • Commercial litigation, such as arbitrations, banking construction, corporate disputes, insurance/reinsurance, and patent/intellectual property. We regularly deal with international arbitrations, including domestic (in the LCIA) and international arbitrations across several jurisdictions, including Guernsey, Jersey, the Channel Islands, and the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre).
  • Solicitor-client. Our costs lawyers can provide services for all actions under the Solicitors Act 1974 (Contentious and Non-Contentious).
  • Criminal including white collar crime, complex extradition and regulatory enforcement cases, multi-jurisdictional claims under EAW, and applications under s.19 POA 1985.
  • Family/matrimonial including the Children’s Act 1989, divorce, injunctions, and Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (along with all ancillary proceedings).
  • Confiscation/restraint. We are available for confiscation and restraint cases such as Restraint Proceedings under the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 (DTA); the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (CJA), and Proceedings of Crime Act 2002.

For more information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.