The Benefits Of Using Our Costs Lawyers In London

Legal costs can depend on many factors, including the nature of the legal matter, the complexity of the case, and which law firm is being used. Here at Knapp Richardson it’s our job to ensure you never pay more than you need to.

Our costs lawyers in the UK have excellent attention to detail when it comes to the assessment and management of legal costs within the litigation process. During the process, you can be assured that we always adhere to the highest professional standards and codes of conduct.

We assist a wealth of professionals within the legal professions, to include, solicitors, barristers, receivers, accountants and government agencies in a variety of ways, including preparing costs estimates, negotiating costs with opposing parties, drafting bills of costs, and attending costs assessment hearings.

Benefit from first-class costs management.

One of our key services is to help manage and control legal costs throughout the litigation process. Our costs lawyers in London are dedicated to advising clients on cost-effective strategies and assisting in budgeting and forecasting expenses.

We can also deal with the drafting of bills of costs, which detail the legal fees and disbursements incurred during a case. These bills must be accurate and comply with relevant regulations and court rules.

Do you have a case where costs are being disputed?

Knapp Richardson regularly represents our clients in costs assessment proceedings before a costs judge or other adjudicator. We can skilfully present evidence and arguments to support our client’s position on costs.

Our team is continuously updating our skills to ensure we have the latest knowledge and skills in relations to costs law and related areas. 

Legal costs services which we offer include:

  • Expert advice. We provide client-focused advisory services to both the legal profession, corporations and government agencies. All our Cost Lawyers and Draftsmen have extensive experience in providing expert advice on a broad spectrum of legal costs issues. With Knapp Richardson, you’ll always benefit from clear, strategic advice to assist in reaching your objectives.
  • Bills of costs. You’ll have a team with extensive experience in the preparation and justification of bills of costs in the UK and a number of jurisdictions (to include Europe, the USA, China, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, BVI, Channel Islands and Ireland).
  • Budgets. We can prepare detailed forecast schedules which illustrate all future costs parameters when considering funding and/or costs management.
  • Negotiations/advocacy. Our Costs Lawyers and Costs Draftsmen are highly skilled advocates who have a wealth of experience and regularly appear before the Senior Courts, including the Senior Court Costs Office, and the National Courts (both the Crown and County Courts).
  • Providing training and seminars. We can maximise recovery of your costs with our personalised in-house training and seminars. This can include general costs training at a basic level, to the more complex presentations on specific ‘live’ and current issues.

We also cover data analysis and regularly prepare points of dispute/replies.

Areas which we cover include costs related to civil litigation.

That includes contentious probate, defamation/reputation management, employment, housing disrepair, personal injuries/clinical negligence (expertise in catastrophic injuries), privacy, professional negligence and real estate.  

We appreciate costs can be contentious in various areas of civil litigation. One of the most common contentious points include the discovery process. The process of exchanging information and evidence between parties can lead to disputes over who should bear the costs associated with producing or reviewing documents, electronic data, or witnesses.

Parties may also file various motions throughout litigation, like motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgement, or motions to compel. Disputes over the costs incurred in preparing and responding to these motions can be common. 

Not only that, using expert witnesses can be expensive. Disputes may arise over the necessity of experts, their qualifications, and the costs associated with retaining them. As trial approaches, the costs of preparing witnesses, exhibits, and trial presentations can escalate. Disputes over the reasonableness and necessity of these expenses are common.

We also cover the following areas:

  • Commercial, including arbitration, banking, construction, corporate disputes, group Litigation (National and International), insurance/reinsurance, patent/intellectual property,
  • Solicitor-client with all law costs services for all actions under the Solicitors Act 1974 (Contentious/Non-Contentious).
  • Criminal. Our costs lawyers regularly provide legal law costs services for criminal cases like white collar crime, complex extradition and regulatory enforcement cases, multi-jurisdictional claims under EAW, applications under s.19 POA 1985
  • Family/matrimonial, including cases related to the Children’s Act 1989, divorce, injunctions and Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. 
  • Confiscation/restraint with law costs services for confiscation and restraint cases like Restraint Proceedings under the Drug Trafficking Act 1994 (DTA); the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (CJA), and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Overall, our Costs Lawyers will ensure your legal costs are managed efficiently and transparently throughout the litigation process.

Find out more about our Costs Lawyers in London and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.