Benefit from Skilled and Experienced Legal Costs Advisors in London

Are you seeking bespoke legal advice related to costs? As trusted and experienced experts in all aspects Law Costs, Data Analysis and Costs Arbitration, Knapp Richardson can help you fulfil your objectives. We deliver clear, strategic advice to anyone in the legal profession, corporations and government agencies.

There can be many problems related to legal costs for cases in the UK. One of these is a lack of transparency which can lead to disputes and misunderstandings. Another is the fact that costs are invariably extremely high for those more complex cases. 

Billing disputes often arise when clients receive charges that they believe are excessive or not in line with the agreed-upon fee structure. Resolving these disputes can be time-consuming and expensive and may require intervention from regulatory bodies. 

By using legal costs advisors, you can prevent these kinds of issues from developing in the first place. You can also ensure that billing and cost-related activities are compliant with legal regulations and industry standards. Ultimately, this will help to prevent disputes over billing practices.

Our legal cost advisors can help you identify potential cost-related risks and take steps to reduce them, reducing the financial impact of legal or assessment proceedings.

Our Legal Cost Advisors are based in the heart of London can provide advice on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Any challenges with legal costs
  • Comprehensive Justification when the Receiving Party
  • Primary issues which arise within Solicitors Act Proceedings
  • The suitability of alternative fee agreements such as contingency fees, fixed fees and conditional fee agreements.

By using our legal cost advisory services, you can manage and control legal expenses with greater ease. We work with you to ensure that costs are fair, reasonable and always accord with industry standards. 

If any points of dispute arise, we’re also able to help.

When it comes to challenging Legal Costs we have an experienced team who will provide

comprehensive and robust points of dispute including, where applicable, skeleton arguments on the more complex technical arguments.

Knapp Richard Limited is available to carry out negotiations related to costs.

Our team is invaluable in negotiations which are entered into with a view to reaching the most cost effective settlement.

All our Costs Lawyers and Costs draftsmen are highly skilled advocates who have a wealth of experience and regularly appear before the High Court, Senior Court Costs Office and the National Courts (both the Crown and County Court) in respect of both civil and criminal proceedings. 

Since we’re located close to the High Court, we often appear as agents for the hearing of detailed assessment, directions, and interlocutory applications.

Highly experienced, we’ve been instructed by several of the top City Law Firms and have worked on many high profile cases over the past three decades. 

Find out more about our legal costs advisors in London or don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.